Attacq Limited brand revitalisation

Photo source: Attacq Limited

Strategy consulting: Brand revitalisation for Attacq Limited

A brand comprises all the elements that represent the identity of the product, service and organisation in question. It signifies what the product, service and organisation stands for and differentiates it from competitors. The perception of a brand could often weaken significantly over time, due to a number of reasons, such as changes and/or evolution within the organisation and its operational environment; or in its market place. In such instances, it is useful to deploy a brand revitalisation strategy, not only to recapture and revive the strengths of the brand, but also to re-align the brand to the new strategic direction.

Client profile

Attacq is a leading South African capital growth fund in the real estate sector, listed on the JSE. It has consistently delivered growth in capital to its investors through its strategic property holdings and developments. Attacq has grown gross assets to R27.1 billion, as at December 2015 with an initial gross asset value of R600 million, as at 30 June 2005. In April 2016, Attacq launched the Mall of Africa, South Africa’s biggest single-phase shopping mall development as part of the iconic Waterfall City development in Midrand.

Attacq focuses on sustainable capital appreciation through the development and ownership of a balanced portfolio of properties with contractual income streams in SA, Africa and abroad. Capital appreciation is supplemented by development and redevelopment profits made within the Company.

The challenge at hand

The refreshed brand had to differentiated Attacq from the Atterbury group (Attacq was previously part of the Atterbury group), as stakeholders often confused the two brands. The refreshed look and feel also had to make the brand stand out in the real estate segment and the investment world.

Stone’s approach to meeting the need

Attacq’s vision to create sustainable capital growth for its shareholders culminated in a brand refresh that took place in July 2016. The launch of the refreshed brand coincided with a significant new joint venture that expanded the Attacq Waterfall development footprint, and an accelerated internalisation of the Waterfall development management function. The brand refresh was also the next salient step in Attacq’s fully integrated marketing communication and stakeholder engagement strategy.

Stone, in collaboration with Attacq’s supplier, Mycalture, a progressive and dynamic creative agency, developed a modern and vibrant logo that’s supported by equally recognisable iconography depicting the invest, develop and grow elements.

The event was also used to introduce an array of new engagement tools, including a brand new website. Stone once again deployed an integrated approach. Stone generated the content for the website, while other Attacq suppliers, namely Digineering, a website development and designing company and Mycalture, assisted with the development of the website’s functionalities and the progressive look and feel; click here to visit the new website. Stone collaborated with Bespoke Marketing Consulting to ensure the overall success of the event; click here to view a clip of the brand refresh.

Stone once again facilitated 14 radio, television, online and printed media interviews with Morné Wilken, including interviews with SABC television and radio, Finweek, Asset Magazine, Engineering News, Commercial and Industrial Property News, Shopping SA, Bloomberg, Sake 24, CNBC Africa, The Star and Pretoria News, Property 24, Shopping and Retail Southern Africa, Shopping SA, RSG Geldsake, Business Day TV and The Midrand Reporter. Click here to view view the Business Day TV interview with Morné Wilken.

After the brand refresh, Stone facilitated a marketing and brand workshop for Attacq that explained their key messages and focus areas to their internal audience, empowering them to become proud brand ambassador who are able to build Attacq’s brand reputation.

The workshop focussed on Attacq’s business strategy that stems from the marketing messages that Stone condensed into the three supporting pillars of the Attacq brand, namely invest, develop and grow. The business objectives include:

  • Commercial real estate investment opportunities
  • Exceptional and sustainable capital growth
  • Create significant stakeholder value
  • Value and capital growth of the Attacq pipeline
  • Diversify footprint and across asset types
  • Be a benchmark for good corporate citizenship

Attacq’s internal audience were also informed of what building the Attacq brand reputation entails:

  • Position the long-term value of doing business with Attacq
  • Position the creative business approach to commercial property investment
  • Leverage the CSI involvement profile to benefit Attacq’s reputation
  • Enhance the leadership profile as a trustworthy team of talented professionals