Communication strategy and advocacy campaign

Accenture South Africa values workplace gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. The firm is committed to promoting equality and showcasing its diversity initiatives. Stone assisted Accenture in developing a communication strategy for gender mainstreaming, workplace equality, and diversity initiatives. This led to increased media exposure and the establishment of strong corporate partnerships, solidifying Accenture’s reputation as an advocate for workplace equality and diversity.


Stone conducted thorough research to understand the gender mainstreaming landscape in South Africa and collaborated with Accenture to craft key messages, identify partnerships, and map strategic objectives for their gender mainstreaming initiatives. The team also leveraged insights from Accenture South Africa and initiative partners in crafting content. The research showed that the volatile economy and the impact of COVID-19 have hindered workplace gender mainstreaming, particularly affecting women.


The campaign’s objectives were to drive diversity and inclusion within the organisation, position Accenture as a diversity and inclusion champion, and start a corporate gender mainstreaming movement with the help of corporate partners. The campaign, running from March to October 2022, focused on thought leadership-driven campaigns, industry partnerships, media relations, and employee-focused initiatives.

Strategic communication drivers for the campaign

The campaign aimed to drive awareness, educate business leaders, showcase commitment and exemplary action, and recognize and celebrate the business impact of equality. This was to be achieved through knowledge sharing, thought leadership, media engagement, showcasing success stories, and implementing anchor initiatives.


The campaign, managed by Stone, emphasized thought leadership and corporate partnerships to drive the South African business equality agenda. The primary campaign included the Voices of Change movement and various initiatives aimed at recognising and celebrating real business impact and driving workplace gender mainstreaming.