Accenture inaugural Innovation Conference and 2nd Accenture Innovation Index Awards communication strategy and media engagement

Strategy consulting: Communication strategy and media engagement for inaugural Accenture Innovation Conference and 2nd Accenture Innovation Index Awards

Stone delivered a strong communication strategy to drive awareness and advocacy amongst clients and media, generating influence amongst stakeholders and actively supporting the business objectives and goals of Accenture with regard to the Inaugural Accenture Innovation Conference and the Accenture Innovation Index Awards. Through extensive content generation and media engagement Accenture received almost unprecedented media coverage, which in turn led to a significant increase in awareness of the conference, awards and Accenture itself.

Challenge at hand

Accenture’s main objectives were to drive awareness of the conference and innovation awards, whilst positioning the organisation as a leader in, and driver of, innovation in South Africa.

With various ‘innovation’ conferences and meetings in the public space, Accenture needed to leverage its reputation and leadership as the trusted advisor and premier provider of business and technology services for private and public sector clients in South Africa, whilst positioning innovation as an enabler for business transformation and outcomes.

These objectives were met through the careful implementation of Stone’s strategic communication awareness strategy, notwithstanding the event being held a day after the national budget speech.

Stone’s approach to meeting the need

The Stone team developed a communication awareness strategy, which included an influencer and media engagement strategy, and public relations tactics to position the organisation, the conference and the awards well. Various key messages were developed for all communication activities relevant to the various audiences to enable the following objectives:

  • Influencers and stakeholder associated innovation with Accenture.
  • Built targeted C-Suite relationship with key clients.
  • Showcased the new Accenture on its best day – bringing their digital and technology capabilities to life.
  • Showcased the winners in an unprecedented manner.

Results achieved and value added for Accenture

Due to Stone’s strategic counsel and approach to the required communication activities, the Accenture Innovation Conference and the Accenture Innovation Awards received almost unprecedented media coverage, through careful content creation and using communication as a business tool.

Through following a careful timeline of activities, stakeholders and influencers received a continuous stream of information which culminated in the event media release and coverage.

  • Media releases developed and distributed: Announcement of the Accenture Innovation Conference; Announcement of the Accenture Innovation Index Shortlist; Accenture Innovation Conference media statement; Accenture Innovation Index media release announcing the winners; Comprehensive Questions and Answers document used for speaker briefings.
  • Fact sheets on all aspects of the Accenture Innovation Conference and Accenture Innovation Index: First Accenture Innovation Conference – attributes, highlights and value proposition; Accenture brings world innovation leaders together in Johannesburg; Accenture brings value by celebrating, measuring and guiding innovation for business growth; Innovation adds value to Africa and the economy of the continent; Impact, value and importance of innovation for business.

Accenture Innovation Index short list of finalists; Accenture Innovation Index short list of finalists (Afrikaans translation for Media24); Afrikaans summary of the salient fact sheets for Media 24; Accenture Innovation Index winners; Leading companies partner with Accenture for the Accenture Innovation Conference; Speaker briefing documents; Media training / interview preparation for TV interviews.

  • Pre-event media exposure and coverage received on more than 60 different occasions in different mediums, which included national and international newspapers, radio, television and online mediums.
  • Interviews were conducted on the day of the event with 8 different media requesting written responses from various speakers and the US Ambassador.