Accenture is committed to Gender Mainstreaming in South Africa

Ntombi Mhangwani Accenture Africa Director Integrated Marketing & Communications and Lead Women’s Forum Gender mainstreaming in the workplace has been a longstanding discussion across the globe for decades. Although progress has been made in recent years to implement policies that favour diversity and gender equality, many of the gains are now at

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Nurturing customer engagement while social distancing

According to Willem S Eksteen, Chief Executive at Stone, this pandemic demands social distancing, so now more than ever, well-thought-out communication engagement is critical to business continuity to connect people and maintain relations. Everything has changed and what we knew as normal is now different. We foresee new competition and more competition as people

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Stone reframing your business strategy webinar

Willem S Eksteen, CE of Stone, 'Reframing your business strategy to weather the COVID-19 storm...' - a webinar hosted by Business Unite for the (SA) UAE and streamed to the SA Accountants Association on 7 May 2020. Contact us at Stone on +27114470168 to connect or e-mail

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Give more than what you take in reward

Article written by Willem S Eksteen, CE of Stone Before thinking about profits as a measure of business success, first ask yourself, do you serve others with what you do every day? A truly great business always delivers undeniable value and when you focus on giving value as a way of life, the money will

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How some companies beat the competition…for centuries

Howard Yu, Lego Professor of Management and Innovation at IMD Business School in Switzerland, discusses how the industrial cluster in the Swiss city of Basel is a unique example of enduring competitive advantage. He explains how early dye makers were able to continually jump to new capabilities and thrive for generations. He says the

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In Good Company 2018, a conference for social investment

Article written by Stone The annual In Good Company Conference, taking place on 21 August 2018 with the theme South Africa Matters, is a highlight on the social investment calendar. The In Good Company Conference 2018 is hosted by Nation Builder, and proudly sponsored by the Mergon Foundation, King Price Insurance, strategy and communication consulting

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Does your social media engagement add value to your organisation?

Article written by Tertius Kleinhans, Stone Consultant Even today, many marketers and organisations are not sure how to measure the effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI) of their investment into social media engagement. Answer this: Without knowing how it will be spent, what the expected benefits to your organisation are

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Stakeholder engagement: imperative for your triple bottom-line

Article written by Marana Brand, Stone Consultant Your company has an impact on the lives of many people and organisations. All of these people and organisations are your stakeholders – they have a stake in your company’s financial, environmental and social performance (triple bottom-line). Engaging with your stakeholders is a

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The benefit of cross-cultural mentorship

Mentorship continues to be one of the most significant and crucial routes to professional learning. Junior executives are encouraged to seek out senior executives to learn them the ropes and to share their expertise and skills. But this relationship can be just as beneficial for the mentor as the mentee,

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