The impact of the South African economy on your health

Medshield Medical Scheme, Daily Maverick Will South Africans be able to afford medical aid in a shrinking economic environment? South Africa is said to have some of the most expensive medical aid in the world. According to the World Health Organization, South Africa spends more on voluntary private health insurance (42%)

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SA’s booming spaza shop economy

Simon Brown, MoneywebNOW, interview with Mushambi Mutuma, Commerce Lead for Accenture in Africa ‘There’s so much nuance in the township economy. You have to be there to understand’: Mushambi Mutuma – Accenture Africa. SIMON BROWN: I’m chatting with Mushambi Matuma, commerce lead for Accenture in Africa. Mushambi, I appreciate the time today.

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5G, integration key to unlocking South African technology value

Schalk Burger, Creamer Media senior contributing editor Most South African companies, 80%, are adopting digital technologies and 78% plan to invest in fifth-generation- (5G-) enabled campus networks. However, 65% of executives perceive tremendous challenges in navigating the network and digital technology integration complexity, extracting return on investment and choosing the right partner ecosystem

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#BizTrends2022: Why retail has changed forever

John Watling, MD within the Retail business at Accenture in Africa In 2021 consumers have adjusted to a new world of retail. As inflation began to bite and food and grocery prices continued to rise, the universal truths of retail were ever more evident. For instance, consumers are becoming increasingly budget-conscious,

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CFO’s & CX! – is finance evolving from hindsight to foresight & insight?

Dzingira Matenga, Managing Director, CFO & Enterprise Value for Accenture in Africa The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role has evolved significantly. No longer is it a hindsight role recording what happened, but it has pivoted to give future-focussed business-critical direction. The CFOs ability to pre-empt disruption in the market contributes to

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Get the doc on the phone: Medshield uses tech to enable healthcare for all

Thoneshan Naidoo, Principal Officer, Medshield Medical Scheme Through telemedicine innovations such as SmartCare, the medical scheme is proving that technology can make healthcare more widely accessible, affordable and convenient. The SA digital ecosystem is becoming ever smarter, embracing all the benefits and excitement that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) holds. Medical

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