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Stone keenly takes part in the global conversation and embraces all digital platforms to highlight issues relating to the communication environment. Clients also benefit through Stone’s promotion and recognition of their activities.

C-suite leadership opinion: Culture shift in the Finance function

Cedric Miller Chief Financial Officer at Altron Digital technologies have not only altered the way in which financial services and operations are delivered, but also caused a culture shift in Finance. The role of finance executives and professionals has changed from bean counter, to information broker and more, causing people to relate in new ways according to their expanded roles. Culture is defined as “the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society”. In organisations, culture is driven by company values that guide the behavioural patterns of employees. CFOs have a critically important task

Dec 2nd, 2020|

REPUTATION CRISIS! Managing your misfortune into opportunity

Willem S Eksteen, Chief Executive of Stone, as featured in the October/November 2020 edition of BusinessBrief, available online here. Sometimes things do go wrong - this is a reality of business and life. How one responds to an issue or how one resolves an embarrassment, determines how your business and personal reputation is scarred or strengthened in a time of crisis. We have recently seen some very public hair-raising examples of how a blunder should not be handled and others where misfortune was turned into an opportunity by managing a potentially damaging situation correctly and swiftly. A good

Oct 20th, 2020|
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