The Stone approach

When a pebble lands in water, a collection of rings form as the effect of one action. Similarly, our clients’ business objectives are always at the centre of the activity. We undertake to reap strategic business and communication results using the bespoke Stone Pebble Ring Thinking© methodology. It enables focused strategies and effective positioning to key audiences, generating influence with stakeholders and promoting internal alignment to business objectives. Focus and a keen eye on timing ensure that communication objectives flow seamlessly into engagement and service delivery. We execute all activities for the best strategic impact and to minimise waste and noise for better return on investment for our clients. Stone adds value to our clients through a range of strategy and communication consulting services:

Business Strategy

We enable you to succeed in a competitive environment with a focused strategy that meets your goals within your own business context. Careful thought and experience underpin our strategy development to achieve real business results.

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Marketing & Communication

We cut through the noise and ensure that effective communication adds value to your organisation, albeit through internal communication during times of change or externally to support your strategic business drive.

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Digital & Social Media

We help you make the most of your digital relationships in an evolving digital space that holds vast opportunity – paving the road to real audience interaction across Web 2.0, social networks, blogs, mobile platforms, etc.

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Internal Engagement

We facilitate employee engagement which ensures innovative co-creation and directly impacts the productivity and success of your business – today it is crucial to build employee camaraderie around a shared mission.

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CSI & Social Investment

We believe that corporate social investment is not mere benevolence; CSI and corporate value building are key reputation creators for your organisation that spread the benefit reaped beyond your
own bottom-line.

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Crisis & Reputation Management

We can assist in managing the key assets of your reputation and how your stakeholders perceive your organisation and brand, as corporate reputation is an asset that needs to be grown and
often guarded.

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Stone offering

Stone Pebble Ring Thinking©

The Stone Pebble Ring Thinking© methodology ensures an integrated strategy and key messages built around our clients’ main business objectives and these are applied across all areas of the required communication – internally, as well as externally – generating influence with stakeholders and promoting internal alignment to key business objectives.

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